Welcome the Children

“Anyone who welcomes a child on my behalf welcomes me”  (Matthew 18:5)

Helping Those Who Need It Most

Welcome the Children is a Pittsburgh-based foundation that exists to combat the effects of extreme poverty. We partner with individuals and organizations to give children a chance to be educated and to grow into individuals who make a positive impact in their society and the world.

In 2010, Shadi and Liz Arnita founded Welcome the Children as a 501(c)(3) organization. A teenage girl who had returned from a mission trip to Kenya shared the struggles of the children in the Mathare slums with the Arnitas.

In July of 2011, Welcome the Children formed its first board and added AIC Zion School as its first partnership. Since then, Welcome the Children has supported the growth of AIC Zion School from 180 students in grades K-5 to 680 students in grades K-10.

Our mission is to obey Christ’s call to sow into the lives of those in need. The funds we receive are used to break vicious cycles of poverty and to supply children with the means to thrive. We want to serve children who suffer from poverty by meeting essential needs that will benefit their SPIRIT, MIND & BODY, equipping them with skills to become leaders.


Meeting spiritual needs fills the gap between the mind and body. It gives children hope through the transformative message of the Gospel, bringing joy that nothing else can offer.


We combat the effects of extreme poverty by giving children a chance to learn and grow into individuals who make a positive impact–not only in their communities, but in the world at large.


Meeting the material needs of children in desperate situations provides the freedom to look to long-term futures instead of worrying about where their next meal will come from. 

Anne Kaleji dreamed of becoming a lawyer, but she was at home because her parents couldn’t afford the fees to send her to school. Through Welcome the Children, Anne successfully completed grades K-8 at AIC Zion School. She excelled in her eighth grade exams, scoring among the highest in her region and among the top performers nationally. She is now in her third year at State House Girls High School, one of the best secondary schools in the country.